Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dear TBC Family and Friends,

In her novel, The Small Rain, Madeleine L'Engle speaks of watching seagulls following a ferry she was riding. The seagulls circling the ferry seemed to glide effortlessly on the wind. They swooped and soared as they caught the wind and used its strength to fly. She writes:

You know how the seagulls fly across with the ferry— how beautiful they are, gliding with the wind and being part of it . . . and there was a pigeon trying to fly with the gulls. And while the gulls were lifting their wings so lazily and almost seeming to drift forward, the pigeon's poor wings were flapping desperately, and the wind beat against its breast, and sometimes it would be driven backward in spite of the breathless flapping of its wings. But whenever there'd be the least pause in the wind, it would beat forward again, and somehow it managed to keep up with the ferry and with the gulls that circled it. 

Then she asks,

Do you feel more like a seagull or a pigeon? Soaring with the wind and being part of it, or desperately flapping your wings against the wind? 

To be sure, there are days we feel more like the pigeons than the sea gulls. To live by God's Spirit is to be like the seagull; to live on our own human steam is to be more like the pigeon. And when I think about life in the church or the struggle in being a Christian, I sometimes think of a flock of exhausted pigeons, frantically flapping our wings, trying to stay aflight rather the grace and beauty of seagulls gently and effortlessly moving with the wind of God’s Spirit. 

To live like the sea gull is to move with the wind of God’s Spirit, to cooperate with God’s leading in our lives and in the world at large. We have this choice: we can live in cooperation with the divine Spirit or we can choose to manage life on our own terms.  "God is spirit," and when we walk with God and learn to breathe in God, we find our souls being brought to life. During the season of Pentecost, we will be listening to what the scriptures have to say about living our lives by God’s Spirit who gives us true life. Such life-giving is empowering to be who God created us to be.

Grace and peace,



            As we get ready for a new month, lots of challenges and opportunities are coming our way at TBC!  On the happy front – we have a new and exciting Women’s Bible Study meeting weekly (see LouAnn), we have a First  Wednesday Monthly meal together (just show up!), and always a planned outing where we can gather to enjoy time together! “ LET’S MEET AT LORRAINES” happening this Friday night! 


“LET’S MEET AT LORRAINES COFFEE HOUSE”This Friday night at 7:30 – we will save a seat for you to come listen to Bluegrass music together!  Cover Charge is $5, and you won’t find a more fun place to be than with TBC friends and family while listening to upbeat music!  Just Show up!! (located on Timber Drive in Garner).


FIRST WEDNESDAY NIGHT MEAL/BIBLE STUDY – Next Wednesday June 7, come to “SOUTH OF THE BORDER” meal cooked up by the Women’s Bible Study Group!



Wednesday –

6:00 – Praise Team

7:00 – Wednesday Bible Study/Prayer Time

7:45 – Choir Rehearsal

SUNDAY, LORD’S DAY June 4 (Day of Pentacost and Communion)

9:30 a.m. – Sunday Morning Bible Study

10:30 – Worship/Praise

“A Softer Pentecost”

 Acts 2:1-21 and John 20:19-23



Greeters First Sunday – Donna and TBA

Special Music – Melody moore

Church Caretakers in June – Barry and Ronna, Mike and Pam, Donna


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